Children’s Responsibility

Do you ever read the fine print? One of the gravest dangers for anyone is to sign something without reading. This whole housing crisis has a lot to do with people not reading before they sign. Those sneaky contracts can cause a lot of trouble. Here is a sample study about credit card fine print.

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Trouble reading the fine print

33% of consumers can’t read or understand disclosure, or “fine print.”
20% couldn’t find critical terms (important phrases which take away your rights).
44% did not know the APR (annual percentage rate) on their cards.
20% didn’t know their credit limit.
70% were unaware of “universal default” policies.
Source: Braun Research, 2006 []

Usually when you sign a credit card you have agreed to giving up so many rights and they’ll rob you blind!
The good thing about God is He doesn’t use fine print! Continue reading