Help in Trouble

When the world comes crashing down in your life you usually have the wonderful blessing of going to your parents and some other influential adults in your life. You have someone to take your problems to. You have a “shoulder to cry on.” What happens though when you grow up and are on your own? You won’t always have your parents. You can’t always talk to anyone about the difficulties and uncertainties you face. What should you do?

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? We automatically remember that God will be our help. Would you just pray, or would you have some verses to help you remember His promises to protect His children. If someone else was going through a hard time, would you be able to comfort them with words from the Bible? Or would you be lost in the Old Testament?

It is no surprise that most of the verses of comfort in the midst of trouble come from Psalms. David had some complicated times in his life. Who was he going to turn to? Well, there were a variety of times he turned to others than God. Sometimes he turned to a city to protect him. Then he prayed to God and God said the city would surely give him over to Saul. Twice David turned to the Philistines, the sworn enemies of God! Continue reading