Children’s Responsibility

Do you ever read the fine print? One of the gravest dangers for anyone is to sign something without reading. This whole housing crisis has a lot to do with people not reading before they sign. Those sneaky contracts can cause a lot of trouble. Here is a sample study about credit card fine print.

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Trouble reading the fine print

33% of consumers can’t read or understand disclosure, or “fine print.”
20% couldn’t find critical terms (important phrases which take away your rights).
44% did not know the APR (annual percentage rate) on their cards.
20% didn’t know their credit limit.
70% were unaware of “universal default” policies.
Source: Braun Research, 2006 []

Usually when you sign a credit card you have agreed to giving up so many rights and they’ll rob you blind!
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Five Things to Say to Your Children

Knock the wind out of their sails. Bursting their bubble. Give the run around. Throw a monkey wrench in. All these idioms really explain well the idea found in Colossians 3:21. God’s instruction is “Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged.” That word discouraged comes from a word with a negative prefix. Thumos is the original word which has the idea of moving, spirit, and impulse. In other words an internal motivation. Discouraged in Colossians is the negative of that word. It is knocking the wind out of your children’s sails. It is bursting their bubble. It is zapping all the life and spirit and want out of your child.
Do you look at your child and wonder what happened? Don’t look to far from yourself. There is a real danger in parenting which is discouraging your children. I recently listened to a sermon by Pastor Michael Edwards about what your children need to hear. The five statements he gave are listed below. Let’s look at what our children need to hear and feel from us so they are not provoked to anger or discouraged.

1. You can do it!
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