The Terror of Throttle Lock

I never want to ride a motorcycle again! It happened while I was traveling with a quartet in the mid-Atlantic states. We visited a church and the pastor and his sons enjoyed dirt biking. They invited our group to go with them. Up to that point, I thought motorcycles would be great! They gave us some instructions and I still remember him mentioning throttle lock. This is when your wrist is locked and you are giving the bike a lot of gas. Usually at that point you freak out and either crash, fall off, or die (probably). I was doing just fine, until Continue reading

Red Carpet Syndrome

April 7, 2011 CNN reported that Alan Iverson, former NBA star, was a passenger in his own car when a Georgia police officer pulled them over. The documented exchange between Iverson and the officer revealed in one statement this “red carpet syndrome.” He said, “Do you know who I am?” Red Carpet Syndrome. Everything is about me and how I am treated. This statement shows true weakness in character and is the opposite of meekness. We live in a culture that is all about self-assertion. So what is meekness? Continue reading

Old Faithful

Probably the most iconic attraction of Yellowstone National Park is Old Faithful. I was able to see Old Faithful when I was traveling with a quartet. It was pretty neat to see, but I was more interested in how dependable it was in it’s eruptions.

Old Faithful

I researched the revered accounts recorded in Wikipedia. (OK, I know that Wikipedia isn’t always the most accurate, but it is the easy thing to do. Don’t tell my English teacher.) These days you could wait for an eruption anywhere between 45 and 125 minutes. That doesn’t sound too bad, but let’s say someone was waiting for you to show up, and we were to say, “Oh, yeah, they’ll be here in the ball park of 45 minutes to 2 hours.” Most people won’t wait for that!

The fruit of the spirit today is faith. This is just the regular word for faith in scripture. It could be faith you exercise or faithfulness/dependability. You could go either way with this devotional but we will focus on the super practical, dependability. Are you a dependable Christian? Continue reading