The Terror of Throttle Lock

I never want to ride a motorcycle again! It happened while I was traveling with a quartet in the mid-Atlantic states. We visited a church and the pastor and his sons enjoyed dirt biking. They invited our group to go with them. Up to that point, I thought motorcycles would be great! They gave us some instructions and I still remember him mentioning throttle lock. This is when your wrist is locked and you are giving the bike a lot of gas. Usually at that point you freak out and either crash, fall off, or die (probably). I was doing just fine, until this one turn I made. I ran through a deep dip in the dirt and my wrist locked on the throttle. I couldn’t gain control fast enough and headed straight for the pastor’s Ford Excursion. Everything happened so fast, so all I know is my face crashed into the grill of his truck. I cracked his grill and had a nasty bruise on my throat. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet! I saw that pastor almost a year later and he still remembered me as the one who crashed into his Excursion!

Temperance is our last fruit of the Spirit and but it isn’t the least of the fruit. Temperance is control of yourself in spite of circumstances or feelings. However, it isn’t control just for the sake of control. There is usually a purpose in view. The wagon driver holds the reins of the horses tightly so no one gets hurt. The athlete disciplines his life to excel. The motorcyclist controls that throttle so the grill of an Excursion isn’t the last thing to enter his mind. The Christian has temperance because he is a new man who walks in the Spirit and does not succumb to the lust of the flesh. Whoa! That’s a high expectation! That’s why it’s the fruit of the Spirit. We can’t carry out this level of living in our own strength. If we try in our strength we will definitely fail. How will people remember you, Christian? Will you be remembered as the one with the mesh of a grill in your forehead or as a victorious Christian temperate in all things.

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