Old Faithful

Probably the most iconic attraction of Yellowstone National Park is Old Faithful. I was able to see Old Faithful when I was traveling with a quartet. It was pretty neat to see, but I was more interested in how dependable it was in it’s eruptions.

Old Faithful

I researched the revered accounts recorded in Wikipedia. (OK, I know that Wikipedia isn’t always the most accurate, but it is the easy thing to do. Don’t tell my English teacher.) These days you could wait for an eruption anywhere between 45 and 125 minutes. That doesn’t sound too bad, but let’s say someone was waiting for you to show up, and we were to say, “Oh, yeah, they’ll be here in the ball park of 45 minutes to 2 hours.” Most people won’t wait for that!

The fruit of the spirit today is faith. This is just the regular word for faith in scripture. It could be faith you exercise or faithfulness/dependability. You could go either way with this devotional but we will focus on the super practical, dependability. Are you a dependable Christian? Can people count on you to the very end? I know this is something I have to work on and I think you would agree it’s the same with you as well. There are very few people, I mean few, like you can count them on one hand, who are extremely faithful. They are like clockwork. They show up and leave precisely on time. You can almost schedule their next action based on how predictable they are. Some of that in all of us would do us a lot of good. You don’t need to be robotic to the point when something in life spoils your plans you have a meltdown. You still need to be flexible, but can people count on you? Is your word your bond? I still remember something my mom said to me, “Don’t promise anything you don’t intend to keep.” That’s huge. That’s a fruit of the Spirit. How about it Christian teen? Could we work on dependability? You enjoy that the sun rises every day, your heart beats, and your lungs breathe. Allow people to enjoy the fact that you are dependable.

If this has been helpful to you in any way, please leave a comment for others.

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