Gone the Way of the Tamagotchi

I don’t even know if any of you recognize tamagotchi. It was a little “virtual pet” that you had to feed, play with, and make sure it slept enough otherwise it would die. As you can tell it went everywhere with you. Kids had them attached to their backpacks and perished the thought that their virtual pet would die because they didn’t play with it. What a relief that these poor excuses for entertainment have passed off the scene. I am not sure they are even missed with the iPod and Android devices.
Hmm…Not even missed. While reading my devotions I saw this verse and it grabbed my attention. 2 Chronicles 21:20 “Thirty and two years old was he [Jehoram] when he began to reign, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years, and departed without being desired.” Continue reading

The Terror of Throttle Lock

I never want to ride a motorcycle again! It happened while I was traveling with a quartet in the mid-Atlantic states. We visited a church and the pastor and his sons enjoyed dirt biking. They invited our group to go with them. Up to that point, I thought motorcycles would be great! They gave us some instructions and I still remember him mentioning throttle lock. This is when your wrist is locked and you are giving the bike a lot of gas. Usually at that point you freak out and either crash, fall off, or die (probably). I was doing just fine, until Continue reading

Target Practice


No, not a firing squad, but target practice. As I stand back fifty feet from a target, my first thought is, “How hard could this be?” However, I must consider wind, forearm angle, bow
tension for velocity, etc. The same attention to detail is demanded in leading our families. Everything is grappling for an influence on your family—entertainment, culture, government, friends, church. How do you work with so many influences? You’ve probably heard the statement, “The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.” This is the key in family issues. Tedd Tripp in Shepherding a Child’s Heart said, “Parents tend to focus on the externals of behavior…We tend to worry more about the ‘what’ of behavior than the ‘why’…Most of us spend energy…controlling behavior…we miss the heart” (xi). Continue reading

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