Sleepin’ with the Fishes

{Read with an Italian accent}
Once upon a time you acquired $10,000 from Vinny Barbara. Well, da time came for you to pay up and you said, “No moolah.” So now Vinny has a beef with you, and when there’s a beef he’s gonna send a message. Vinny sent Franky and Stefano ta give you some debt counsellin’. They made an offer you couldn’t refuse. You were fitted with a new pair of cement shoes and now your sleepin’ with da fishes.
{End Italian Accent}

Sure sounds like Vinny doesn’t have much patience, but can you blame him when you borrowed $10,000? Jesus told a parable which told of a king who began to take account of his records and found a servant that owed him a large amount of money. The servant was brought to the king and the king demanded payment. The servant said, “Lord, have patience with me, and I will pay thee all.” The king was patient and even merciful as he forgave the whole amount. The same servant found someone who owed him something like $10. The man pleaded with the servant who was just forgiven an enormous debt, but that servant condemned the man to prison. The king heard about the situation and he condemned the servant to be tormented for ever.

This is a picture of longsuffering which is our next Fruit of the Spirit. The parable is an illustration of what God can forgive. Aren’t you glad that God is so longsuffering to you and to me. He has forgiven us, not only of past sins, but for all the sins that will ever be committed to our account. That’s not just mercy, but patience. Someone said, “God’s patience does not overlook anything. It simply sees further.” Are you patient with those around you. Or are you like that horrible servant? Do you treat people like trash because they have done something wrong to you? A Christian controlled by the Spirit will be longsuffering because everything is in God’s hands. Don’t make your friends and family “sleep with the fishes.” Remember how much God has done for you and do as much as you can to live peaceably with all men.

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