The Opposite of WWF

Have you had one of those days where life felt like a WWF wrestling match? I mean every turn in your day you are getting picked up and dropped, smacked down, spun around, etc. It’s just been a rough day. Your teachers were mad at you, you failed quizzes and tests, now your parents aren’t happy with you, your dog doesn’t make it outside in time, and, you guessed it, its all your fault. We all have had those trying days and we get caught up in the flesh and more often than not, we react in the flesh.

Now, I want you to think about the opposite of that WWF day. This is the day where your book report was done with plenty of time to spare and it’s in a very nice cover notebook. Your pencils are sharpened. The teacher comments on how well you must have studied the night before because you not only didn’t miss a single question, but you got the bonus right too! Everything seems to flow so smoothly. What word would you use to characterize that day? What word would you use as the opposite of that WWF day?

Peace…yes, peace would be that word. Our fruit of the Spirit today is peace. The word peace isn’t necessarily peace between people or in situations. It’s more of a state of being. You are peace – ful. If I were to put up for a vote which type of day you would rather have, WWF or peace, it is no doubt in my mind we would all choose peace. Now this may blow your socks off, but you know you can have peace every day of your life? It’s true. I am not saying there won’t be hard tests or people will always like you. You can’t control what other people do, but you can always control your reactions. I have read several times a little booklet called “Your Reactions are Showing.” It really was a helpful book especially since we read it before traveling across the country as an ensemble, packed in a 15 passenger van, not necessarily the best of friends, meeting people every day, some are nice and some are not, your day off might not be what you wanted it to be. All of this could really drag you into that WWF wrestling match.

What’s the key, Pastor Dan? I don’t want those WWF days. I want peace. That’s a great question! The key is whether you are living in the flesh our the Spirit. Did you start off your day with God in prayer and reading? Did you get up early enough to not rush out the door? Did you take time to care for other people instead of yourself? You see if you live for yourself (fleshly) you will guaranteed have WWF days. If you live walking with the Spirit, you will have days of peace. Which do you choose? That’s what I thought :).

If this has been helpful to you in any way, please leave a comment for others.

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