The Empty Bag of Doritos

It was one of those moments of surprise as a parent. Luke was finishing his lunch which this time involved a snack-sized bag of Doritos. He is a typical kid who loves junk food and fries and chips are probably top of the list. This day, however, my loving, kind, compassionate son, walks over to my wife and tells her that he wanted to give the rest of his chips to her. Aww! How sweet! How thoughtful! She says thank you, then looks in the bag. There is NOTHING left in the bag except a couple crumbs. We had a life lesson session with Luke after that, thanking him for trying to be thoughtful and kind, but explaining that what he did was not.

Our fruit of the Spirit for this week is gentleness. This Greek word is translated gentleness only in Galatians 5:22, but everywhere else it is translated good or kind. Luke was experimenting with kindness, but he was missing some key elements to make it really work. You see gentleness requires a two things: Continue reading

Sleepin’ with the Fishes

{Read with an Italian accent}
Once upon a time you acquired $10,000 from Vinny Barbara. Well, da time came for you to pay up and you said, “No moolah.” So now Vinny has a beef with you, and when there’s a beef he’s gonna send a message. Vinny sent Franky and Stefano ta give you some debt counsellin’. They made an offer you couldn’t refuse. You were fitted with a new pair of cement shoes and now your sleepin’ with da fishes.
{End Italian Accent}

Sure sounds like Vinny doesn’t have much patience, but can you blame him when you borrowed $10,000? Jesus told a parable Continue reading

The Opposite of WWF

Have you had one of those days where life felt like a WWF wrestling match? I mean every turn in your day you are getting picked up and dropped, smacked down, spun around, etc. It’s just been a rough day. Your teachers were mad at you, you failed quizzes and tests, now your parents aren’t happy with you, your dog doesn’t make it outside in time, and, you guessed it, its all your fault. We all have had those trying days and we get caught up in the flesh and more often than not, we react in the flesh.

Now, I want you to think about the opposite of that WWF day. This is the day where your book report was done with plenty of time to spare and it’s in a very nice cover notebook. Your pencils are sharpened. The teacher comments on how well you must have studied the night before because you not only didn’t miss a single question, but you got the bonus right too! Everything seems to flow so smoothly. What word would you use to characterize that day? What word would you use as the opposite of that WWF day? Continue reading